Teresa was from Piancastagnaio, a land of chestnuts. Teresa gave us this recipe for rum chestnuts years ago, which has been lovingly preserved ever since, and every Christmas Teresa’s chestnuts warm our hearts.


Marroni chestnuts: 1 part
Sugar: 1/2 part
Aged rum: 1/4 part
Water: q.s.
For example: 1 kg of marroni chestnut, 500 gr of sugar and 250 gr of rum
This easy recipe will give you unforgettable joys on winter evenings …

Marroni chestnuts with rum, the procedure:

Score the chestnuts, making a horizontal cut. Then cook them in the oven, or in the classic pan with holes, leave them slightly behind cooking. Then put them in a cloth and peel them all, trying to remove all the cuticles and not to break them. At this point make a sugar syrup: put the water and sugar in a saucepan and bring to 121 °, then let it cool. When the liquid is cold, add the rum. Then place the chestnuts in a sterilized glass jar and cover them to the brim with the rum syrup. Close with the jar’s lid and boil the jar in a saucepan for about twenty minutes. Let the jar cool. The Marroni chestnuts must rest for at least two months, you will taste them at… Christmas!

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