Food and wine is the greatest anthropological expression of a territory, behind the production of food there are ancient gestures, transmitted traditions. Silence listening to nature, intelligence to modify it. There is the history of how a population decides to live that place.

How a sheep is raised, how a beehive is treated, how an onion is hoed, how a chestnut is harvested. These gestures, these efforts, have always been behind what we eat.

Here you are close to what you eat, because you are close to those who produce it. You can look into the eyes of those who sell you a form of PECORINO; or shake the calloused hand of those who planted, hoed and harvested the ONION OF THE SELVA, enter the kitchens of the restaurateurs who tell you about the life of a small mountain village, through the dishes they cook.

Gestures, aromas and flavors that echo the seasonal generosity of the earth; here every period of the year will give you a surprise, porcini mushrooms in autumn, game, fresh and fragrantricotta, on May, honey linked to blooms, or what was considered the “wooden bread”: her Excellence Chestnut..

Enjoy Tuscan food and wine in Santa Fiora all year round, and fall in love with pleasure.

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