Sheep Ricotta cheese from Monte Amiata is a product of excellence. In the pastures the grass is tender and fresh, the spontaneous officinal and aromatic herbs come back. Mint, thyme, wild fennel, wild mallow. The small farms in the Amiata, which have always been eco-sustainable, are all outdoors. The flocks graze wild, followed on sight by their four-legged shepherds: the Maremmano shepdog. These splendid dogs, with their white fur, blend perfectly with the fleece of the sheep and never abandon them. The sheep graze the fresh herbs on the fields and fresh from calving, producing an exquisite milk, rich in fats and fragrances.

The sheep Ricotta is a fresh cheese, ideal for feeding young and old. With an intense and decisive flavor, however, it has the gift of being light, low in fat, also suitable for diets. Ricotta means cooked twice. It is a cheese which is produced by curdling the whey that remains after making the cheese. And so the result is a soft and delicate product, but with exceptional aromas and flavors. Suitable for any preparation, filled pasta, but also desserts, pies, or parfaits. Exceptional on simply toasted bread, in Tuscany it is eaten soaked in barley coffee.

Often, in spring, it is used to season the pasta, with Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh mint.

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