In Santa Fiora the difference is made by the people, our people. In Santa Fiora the difference is made by the people, the events and traditions are many, some of a popular nature, others that tickle the mind to new emotions.

From the traditional fiaccole on December 30th, the very New Year’s Eve in Santa Fiora, to theSanta Fiora in musica Festival, passing through the dead Carnival of Marroneto, or the Canta Fiorabetween April 25th and May 1st.

And also, then the procession of the Crosses, on May 3rd, with the exchange of cedars between lovers, or the magic of the scents of the chestnut groves in autumn, when the fruits of the earth, porcini and chestnuts, become accessible. And again, the crowded San Rocco Fair on August 16th, or the magical night of August 5th, when the miracle of the Madonna delle Nevi (Holy Virgin Of The Snows) is renewed.

Finally, the music that always resounds in Santa Fiora, because our Philarmonic is special and makes us start the year with the wonderful concert on January 1st, and delights us all over the year with operas and concerts, because this is the home of the Miner’s Choir of Santa Fiora, because here we have a Junior band of 40 wonderful young musicians. Because we have the most blasphemous festival of Italian music, in which famous artists blend with popular singers, in short, the Canta Fiora.

And then from July, every year, for twenty years, the master classes and concerts of the Santa Fiora in musica Festival, have enriched our lives with sounds and emotions. Because Santa Fiora has music in its heart. If you love music you should be here.

In short, in Spring as in Summer, in Autumn, as well as in Winter, Santa Fiora will give you emotions with unique events and traditions, when you decide to live it. Because in Santa Fiora … whoever goes there falls in love.


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