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“Come to Santa Fiora, you are all invited”, are the words of a popular text sung by the miners’ choir of Santa Fiora, because thus town is above all HOSPITALITY.


If you are traveling with your family, if you want to take active holidays on E-bikes or on foot, go hiking, if you are looking for the soft and romantic Tuscan style, or you arrive in Santa Fiora in Tuscany on the notes of the music, the people here will know how to make you feel like home.
With the spontaneous hospitality of the mountain people. Find a real holiday in the mountain, all year round.

Family holidays
Active tourism
Nature and well-being
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In all seasons: in spring, with the slopes of Monte Amiata in bloom, overlooking the Val d’Orcia thanks to the physical supremacy of the extinct volcano.
In summer, to restore yourself from the heat of Maremma and the waters of Saturnia and Bagno Vignoni under the leaves of the LARGEST BEECH FOREST IN EUROPE.
During the autumn, to be lulled by the rustle of chestnut leaves, moved to collect fragrant porcini and precious chestnuts from Monte Amiata.
In winter, to enjoy the ski slopes, and the heat of the fire of the FIACCOLATA, high piles of wooden logs lit for Christmas.

Santa Fiora 4 seasons

365 days to fall in love with this part of Tuscany, because those who come here fall in love in Santa Fiora.

Get married in Santa Fiora

one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

If those who come here fall in love in Santa Fiora… where else do you want to get married? Romance, beauty, culture and food and wine make Santa Fiora in Tuscany the ideal place to celebrate your wedding.

You can decide to get married in one of our beautiful churches, surrounded by Della Robbia’s pottery or with a stretch of water as a floor.
You can choose a civil ceremony in the imposing Sala del Popolo, immersed in another historical period with splendid frescoes forming the backdrop, or celebrate the most beautiful day ever immersed in the cool Peschiera Park.

In any case, you will have an entire town sharing your joy, the best Tuscan artisans building your wedding and the flavors of Italian food and wine pampering your guests.

Santa Fiora in your heart

Santa Fiora in Tuscany welcomes you with open arms. Passing by here, many fell in love with it: some of them became honorary citizens, as happened to ANDREA CAMILLERI, others became more simply… one of us.
Strolling in the monumental cemetery you can find the remains of DAVIDE LAZZERETTI, which their fellow citizens rejected on the verge of death. Half a century later, VALERIO VALERI was born here. He became a cardinal and apostolic nuncio in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Or also, you can find the sepulcher of FATHER ERNESTO BALDUCCI, who was born here in Santa Fiora and then, as an adult, recovered the sense of belonging lost with the departure to go to the Piarists. But it does not end here, because in Santa Fiora rests FERNANDO DI GIULIO, friend of Ernesto Balducci, group leader in the chamber of the Italian Communist Party. Fernando di Giulio came to the mountains at the age of twenty to be a Partisan during the War of Liberation, in the “Spartaco Lavagnini” formation, and rightly is buried here.
And, if you prefer, you can still imagine the MORANTE family here, ELSA’s family, or LAURA’s, who was born in Santa Fiora, because Santa Fiora is in their hearts too.
If you look closely, you can see the building of the elementary school, named after MARIO PRATESI, born in Santa Fiora, which he remembers in his writings.
Because in Santa Fiora in Tuscany culture, love and tradition mix together, in a unicum that you cannot find elsewhere.

“I have often wondered what would have become of me if I had been born in a noisy and illuminated city, in a quiet middle-class family. But I was born in the silence of a medieval town, on the slopes of an extinct volcano and in a human setting where it was difficult to discern the boundary between reality and a fairy tale. I grew up wrapped in a silence that frightened me and made me accustomed to contacts with the mystery. Was it a grace? Was it a chance circumstance that conditioned my freedom forever? These questions are extinguished in silence, that is in the right place”.

E. Balducci

Sunset in Santa Fiora in Tuscany
Events and traditions

In Santa Fiora the difference is made by the people, our people. There are a lot of events, spread throughout the four seasons, some of a definitely polar nature, others that tickle your mind and bring new emotions.

From the traditional fiaccole on December 30th, the very New Year’s Eve in Santa Fiora, to the Santa Fiora in musica Festival, passing through the dead Carnival of Marroneto, or the Canta Fiora between April 25th and May 1st.

And also, then the procession of the Crosses, on May 3rd, with the exchange of cedars between lovers, or the magic of the scents of the chestnut groves in autumn, when the fruits of the earth, porcini and chestnuts, become accessible. And again, the crowded San Rocco Fair on August 16th, or the magical night of August 5th, when the miracle of the Madonna delle Nevi (Holy Virgin Of The Snows) is renewed.

Finally, the music that always resounds in Santa Fiora, because our Philarmonic is special and makes us start the year with the wonderful concert on January 1st, and delights us all over the year with operas and concerts, because this is the home of the Miner’sChoir of Santa Fiora, because here we have a Junior band of 40 wonderful young musicians. Because we have the most blasphemous festival of Italian music, in which famous artists blend with popular singers, in short, the Canta Fiora.

Then from July, every year, for twenty years, the masterclasses and concerts of the Santa Fiora in Musica Festival, enrich our lives with sounds and emotions. Because Santa Fiora has music in its heart. If you love music you should be here.

In Spring as in Summer, in Autumn, as well as in Winter, Santa Fiora will give you unique emotions if you decide to live it. Because in Santa Fiora … whoever goes there falls in love.

Discover Santa Fiora and this corner of Tuscany

The photo was granted by:

– Comune di Santa Fiora and made by: Balocchi, Bani Nicholas, Barone Andrea, Caselli Stefano, Durazzi Sara, Fanciulli Vincenzo, Fiorentino Alfonso, Marini Fulvia, Martinelli Piero, Martinelli Serena, Menichetti Giulia, Mensini Carla, Nicolai Marco, Pelamatti Giancarlo, Piccinetti Patrizia, Sacconi Alice, Santella Alice, Santoni, Senis, Trapani, Vacca Stefano.
– Taste of Tuscany travel and made by Alice Santella
– Fatt’ammano bistrot and made by Claudia Manzoni and Sacha Naldi

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